If the tenant shall be guilty of any serious misconduct or any serious breach or non-observance using Wi-Fi provided at the hostel premises (which falls under Cyber Crime), the Omkara Administration is entitled to terminate this agreement hereunder without any notice and without any return of fees.

  1. Every student should stay in the room allotted to her. Mutual exchange of rooms after final allotment is not allowed. However, only the Chief Warden / Administrator may allow as a special case on valid and reasonable grounds. Violation of this rule will be considered as an act of gross misconduct and entail appropriate disciplinary action including expulsion from accommodation house and imposition of heavy fine.
  2. This Agreement will become effective upon signing of this agreement from ........................... and will terminate from the date as may be determined by the Omkara Administration or .................. whichever is earlier.
  3. Once the tenant is terminated by the management, the communication of the Termination can be done by email / mail / post or in-person. On Termination, the student will peacefully hand over all the belongings provided to him by the Manager and vacate the premises immediately.
  4. It is also agreed mutually that non obeisance of the same will be considered as breach of trust and Omkara1 Management will take legal action against the student.
  5. This Agreement shall be covered under Ahmedabad Jurisdiction.